Friday, 26 August 2011


Ah my first post about something other than tights! Nothing very fancy, just some cute little white socks with black hearts.

Then Digby decided he had to be in the photo too.

I got these in a 5 pack of heart pattened sock from Primark for about £3. Wooo go Primark! 
Of course I've chosen to get my legs out just as summer has ended.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Sorry everyone

I've twisted my ankle so am living in nice comfy ugly odd socks. I was hoping to get a lot of pictures taken this week but, well my foot foots so I don't feel like modelling tights. It's getting better every day so I should be able to stand on it properly and show off the tights I got in my little haul soon :)

Friday, 5 August 2011

Hosiery Haul!

Hullo everyone. I'm sorry for the lack of posts recently, I take my photos in batches and have run out! I've also misplaced my tripod so at the moment rely on the kindness of others to take photos of my legs. Claire is on holiday next week so I'm gonna force her to take photo after photo of socks and tights and things until she wants to bludgeon me with the camera :P

However I thought I'd share a little haul I made of tights and socks:

First I got a bunch from the Debenhams sale:
The Red Herring Sailor socks were £1.50 each
The Red Herring Zig-Zag tights were £1.80 (though sadly I've just noticed they're a size small. What was I thinking? Hopefully I can get Claire to exchange them for me)
And the Pretty Polly houndstooth tights were also £1.80

Then I got 2 pairs of leopard print fishnets from H&M. The blue ones were about £7 and the 'natural' ones were £3

Can't wait to try them on and share them with you! :)

Thursday, 28 July 2011

Heart Seams

 Sorry for the disappearance everyone! Back to the tights :D

From the front these appear to just be pale nude toned opaque tights.


But from the back...

Heart seams!
I can't remember what brand these were, I have a feeling they might be Emilio Cavallini. Something quite expensive anyway.
I love the look of these but the fit is pretty terrible! They were one size fits all but.. well it really does not! I can't get these all the way up, my legs are too long, and the waistband will not stay put, it rolls down constantly. I might have to cut them into stockings.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Ah, as with hearts I hoard tonnes upon tonnes of polka dot tights in all colours. These red ones are just lovely:

They were from H&M and cost about £4. They also come in white and black. They come in S, M, L or XL so I bought the biggest for comfort. They fit beautifully. You can't see in the photos but the base for the polka dots is tiny red mesh instead of just sheer stocking material. Lovely.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Oh my stars!

 Considering it's only July I'm trying to post all of my 'summer' tights. However the weather at the moment not particularly July like so maybe I'll have to break out the thick opaques!

But for now, pink starry fishnets!

I can't remember where these came from. They might be Jonathon Aston or Topshop. I'm sure you can get other brands that are very similar though, I think I have some very similar ones from Primark. They're lovely and fit me beautifully.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Glittery Gams

These are pretty odd tights. They're lovely black fishnets with silver glitter but the fishnet is really tiny and it sort of has a tiny mesh background. So it's not really fishnet, but it has fishnet in it if that makes sense... Which it probably doesn't :P

Here's a closeup. You can see that the fishnet is very small but you can't see the teeny tiny mesh background.

These are nice because they're a new spin on an old classic, and because of the mesh they're warmer than normal fishnets. These were from Accessorize for about £8. I think they were One Size Fits All but they fit me beautifully, very stretchy and roomy :) 

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Black Hearted

 You may notice a slight running theme in my tights collection so far: hearts. I looove hearts so probably a quarter of the tights I own have some form of heart pattern on them. Luckilly most of them are different :P

Dogby decided to jump up at me and was caught in a hilarious pose.

These were from New Look and cost about a fiver. They were a size M/L but seemed about the same as most one size fits all tights I own, not too small but certainly not roomy.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Red fishnets

Very simple tights today, but lovely for summer! 

These were Jonathon Aston tights but I got them on sale for about 3 quid. They fit beautifully, really cling to all the curves of my legs and stay up and that's basically all I ask from my tights.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Worlds Coolest Tights?

This brand have been going for a while now, at least since 2009 but I only just discovered them. I am absolutely stunned. They're called Les Queues De Sardines which is a fantastic fun name! The tights are all hand printed and only available in limited runs and they're all just stunning.

Sadly I doubt I will ever own any. Or at least not more than a couple of pairs, despite loving basically every pair they make! Sadly they're far to pricey for me at about £40 a pair and they're also hard to come by. They're sold in Selfridges and about 1 other shop in London and a couple of webstores, but lots of the designs have sold out and I'll never find them :( 

What do you think? Cool or too bizarre?

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Blushing Polka Dots

Todays tights are similar to the primark tights I featured a couple of days ago, sheer with a black pattern. I'm favouring styles like this recently as it's so hot, they're nice and thin so they're cool, but the pattern makes them interesting. And they're probably a lot nicer than my bare legs :P

(showing off the reinforced toe)

These are sheer but a slightly odd colour, they're a pinkish blush shade instead of a straight nude (they look paler than they are in the photos). it's kind of cool but also makes me look slightly sunburnt. I got these from Urban Outfitters for about £10. They're absolutely wonderful quality for the price. While they're very thin they're also very strong and haven't snagged at all and seem like they'll be resistant to laddering. I got them in size M/L and they're so so comfy. I'm not particularly tall (about 5 foot 8 or 9) but often tights are way too short for me and I have to pull ridiculously to get the waistband past my crotch (attractive! :P) but with these they're wonderfully stretchy and fit perfectly. Happy times!

Here is an outfit I've paired them with recently:

(please try and ignore the hideous bin next to me!)  

I went for a cream coloured dress with black polka dots and a big black pompom on my hair, so i'm all matching! I think it's a cool look personally. I also think you could pair this with plain black clothes for a more sophisticated look. What do you think would look good with these? :)

Monday, 4 July 2011

My Hollow Hearts

Hullo everyone. Firstly I have to say sorry, I have absolutely no idea where these tights came from, I  tried googling them, they only photo I can find of them is a product photo that doesn't actually say where they came from. There's a possibility they're from Topshop :/ But as I bought them a few years ago and can't find them anywhere on the internet I guess it's sort of irrelevent!

These are lovely semi-sheer white tights with red empty hearts embroidered on. They're lovely and comfy and feel very high quality, they don't snag or catch and the fabric seems very strong. I like wearing them with bright red dresses :)

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sheer hearts

Wow, thank you to everyone who is following me already! I feel very undeserving with only one post under my belt so far but I am so so grateful!

Onto the tights!

These are sheer very fine tights with a black heart print design from Primark. The quality isn't particularly high, you can see I've already got a few ladders, however they fit really nicely, are comfortable and they were only about £2. I got these a couple of months ago so they might still be available. I'm really pale and pink so sheer tights often look a bit weird on me and these ones do look a little too dark and yellow on me, but not terribly so. Also, once again, they are pretty. And cheap! 

These tights are really versatile because, while they have a fun pattern, they're just sheer with black so they don't really clash with anything you're wearing. And they're good for summer because they're so thin.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Introduction and Anchor tights

Hello! And welcome to my new blog. I assume the majority of you seeing this will have come here through my makeup blog, but no matter how you found it you're very welcome :)

I've made this blog because I own about approximately 3 million pairs of tights (a close estimate) and often don't give them the love they deserve, so posting pictures of my collection will hopefully inspire me to wear some of them more often! Most posts will just be photos but I'll also do reviews, fashion posts where I'll show you different outfits that go with my tights and various other hosiery related shenannigans :)

A big thank you to Claire who made my beautiful header and background. In honour of it my first post is to showcase the closest tights I have to the cartoon ones!

As you can see they're sheer navy tights with a small anchor pattern all over. These were from New Look about a year ago and I got them in a sale so they were about £2. They're not the highest quality, they've snagged a little and are a little on the small side for me, but they're pretty who cares? 

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you'll enjoy what I have to come :)