Monday, 4 July 2011

My Hollow Hearts

Hullo everyone. Firstly I have to say sorry, I have absolutely no idea where these tights came from, I  tried googling them, they only photo I can find of them is a product photo that doesn't actually say where they came from. There's a possibility they're from Topshop :/ But as I bought them a few years ago and can't find them anywhere on the internet I guess it's sort of irrelevent!

These are lovely semi-sheer white tights with red empty hearts embroidered on. They're lovely and comfy and feel very high quality, they don't snag or catch and the fabric seems very strong. I like wearing them with bright red dresses :)


  1. WHEEEEE i love them! You have the best tights.

  2. Y:
    Why thank you! But there are still so many beautiful pairs left for me to buy! :P

    They are pretty darn great! :D