Monday, 31 December 2012

  These are just some lacey tights, you can probably find something similar in lots of places, these were from Primark so were probably about 2 quid. They're not particularly special but they're a good basic and girly and pretty.

 I actually really like the quality of Primark tights, these ones fit beautifully, they're really elastic and cling to the curves of your legs.

Yellow animal faces

These are one of my favourite pairs of tights. They're just so fun! They're made by one of my favourite tights brands, les Queues des Sardines who always make gorgeous, unique tights. However the brand is hideously expensive and the only pairs I have are either presents or were bought in sales. I got these from a Tatty Devine sale for £10 (actually I ordered another pair but they sent me these by mistake. I was delighted as these weren't actually on the site anymore!) 
 Apart from being 'designer' I believe the brand hand prints their stuff, which slightly justifies the price. However of the pairs I have I personally find that they're not amazing quality. For instance this pair are one of those annoying ones that will not stay up and end up rolling down til the crotch is by your knees. Another pair laddered as soon as I put them on :(

I still love them though. So damn cute!

I'm back!

Yes, after my short year-and-a-half long absence me and my legs have returned... Jesus I'm a rubbish hosiery blogger! I truly apologise. 
BUT I'm back now and have even more lovely tights, stockings and socks to share with you, hope you enjoy!

So to kick us off, here's a lovely and unusual pair which I think came from New Look. They were cheap anyway. And I like that the sheer part isn't too dark for my pale, pale legs.

I'll be back tomorrow in a whole new year with more pretty things :)
Thanks to all my remaining followers!