Wednesday, 6 July 2011

The Worlds Coolest Tights?

This brand have been going for a while now, at least since 2009 but I only just discovered them. I am absolutely stunned. They're called Les Queues De Sardines which is a fantastic fun name! The tights are all hand printed and only available in limited runs and they're all just stunning.

Sadly I doubt I will ever own any. Or at least not more than a couple of pairs, despite loving basically every pair they make! Sadly they're far to pricey for me at about £40 a pair and they're also hard to come by. They're sold in Selfridges and about 1 other shop in London and a couple of webstores, but lots of the designs have sold out and I'll never find them :( 

What do you think? Cool or too bizarre?



  2. well the veins would make anybodies legs look flawless I suppose!

    I have to say I find the animated ones a bit too weird for myself, I'm really susceptible to suggested things, the raindrops would make me feel like I was wet or something (and maybe I'm really horribe but the yellow raindrops could be er, something else) but I would love to see somebody else wearing the more strange styles, it would look amazing.

    The pink sparks and the last pair are ones I would wear!

    pretty amazing and yes bizarre! haha

  3. Ha ha! Varicose veins!

    Actually I don't think they're funky ENOUGH!

  4. Those are gorgeous! Hopefully some day you are able to get a few pairs because they would look great on you.

  5. I like them, but I don't know if I like them £40. Maybe for a special ocassion... :) Nice post though, pretty stuff always makes things better.

  6. ... uh-oh. should not have clicked through to their site. Now there are about three pairs I wish I had. Little cloud face men/kraken/blobs... so weird! Want! x

  7. Y:
    Me too! Those ones are still available, I'm so tempted :P

    I love the vein ones, they're so cool and weird. I think the yellow raindrops are actually gold, but then golden showers still have the same connotations :P
    I love them all, the really weird ones like the ants (though I can totally understand people not liking those as they might feel a bit prickly just looking at them!) and then the simpler ones like the sparks are classy and beautiful. Well to me anyway.

    Nothing is funky enough for you :P

    Jessi M:
    I've found some on sale, half price! They're still expensive but ... I'm SO TEMPTED D:

    I know, I love them aa lot but they're definately overpriced. Or well maybe not overpriced but I can't afford them anyway.
    I love the weird cloud ones and the kraken! The blobs are super cool too. And thank you, I'm glad you like the post!

  8. I would wear the last pair. They're my favorite.
    I'm gonna try to hold off on clicking the link...we'll see how long that lasts. I've been good so far!

  9. ah, nice but veeery expensive! well I've just thought of tights with playing cards symbols, and regarding body, why not muscles or bones too? :) but I haven't checked the site, Im not not going to buy anything anyway. I haven't been wearing tights for a long time now, but as I remember my most loved were canary lemon, and something like false-stockings. just tights without panties part - ideal for summer!

  10. I could never invest that much in tights simply because no matter how careful I am, I always ruin them on the first wear :(

  11. very cool, not sure I'd every actually wear them though!! x

  12. Gawwwdd I have such a shocking tights addiction and these are drool-worthy!! But I'm safe, they are way out of my price range - whew. We can dream though can't we Lil? xo