Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sheer hearts

Wow, thank you to everyone who is following me already! I feel very undeserving with only one post under my belt so far but I am so so grateful!

Onto the tights!

These are sheer very fine tights with a black heart print design from Primark. The quality isn't particularly high, you can see I've already got a few ladders, however they fit really nicely, are comfortable and they were only about £2. I got these a couple of months ago so they might still be available. I'm really pale and pink so sheer tights often look a bit weird on me and these ones do look a little too dark and yellow on me, but not terribly so. Also, once again, they are pretty. And cheap! 

These tights are really versatile because, while they have a fun pattern, they're just sheer with black so they don't really clash with anything you're wearing. And they're good for summer because they're so thin.


  1. Loving these tights!
    So much cheaper than if you were to get them from Henry Holland!
    Follow and comment and i'll follow back?

  2. Oo, the hearts almost look like bats! I'm a bit bat-obsessed at present.

  3. I love the hearts! They are quite pretty

  4. YAMMA:
    Thank you! I love some of the Henry Holland designs but can't afford many, they're too damn pricey for me! :)

    You're right, they do! I hadn't seen them that way before! I have some bat print tights somewhere :)

    Thank you, I think they're nice and subtle... for me anyway :P

    I love the hearts! They are quite pretty

  5. I have thesseeee! Haven't worn them yet as I'm scared I'll rip them on my first wear haha.

  6. Cydonian:
    It's quite likely :/ I bought 2 pairs :P