Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Blushing Polka Dots

Todays tights are similar to the primark tights I featured a couple of days ago, sheer with a black pattern. I'm favouring styles like this recently as it's so hot, they're nice and thin so they're cool, but the pattern makes them interesting. And they're probably a lot nicer than my bare legs :P

(showing off the reinforced toe)

These are sheer but a slightly odd colour, they're a pinkish blush shade instead of a straight nude (they look paler than they are in the photos). it's kind of cool but also makes me look slightly sunburnt. I got these from Urban Outfitters for about £10. They're absolutely wonderful quality for the price. While they're very thin they're also very strong and haven't snagged at all and seem like they'll be resistant to laddering. I got them in size M/L and they're so so comfy. I'm not particularly tall (about 5 foot 8 or 9) but often tights are way too short for me and I have to pull ridiculously to get the waistband past my crotch (attractive! :P) but with these they're wonderfully stretchy and fit perfectly. Happy times!

Here is an outfit I've paired them with recently:

(please try and ignore the hideous bin next to me!)  

I went for a cream coloured dress with black polka dots and a big black pompom on my hair, so i'm all matching! I think it's a cool look personally. I also think you could pair this with plain black clothes for a more sophisticated look. What do you think would look good with these? :)


  1. I love the toe thing! Its actually fantastic

  2. Y:
    It's great, it makes them really comfy!