Monday, 31 December 2012

I'm back!

Yes, after my short year-and-a-half long absence me and my legs have returned... Jesus I'm a rubbish hosiery blogger! I truly apologise. 
BUT I'm back now and have even more lovely tights, stockings and socks to share with you, hope you enjoy!

So to kick us off, here's a lovely and unusual pair which I think came from New Look. They were cheap anyway. And I like that the sheer part isn't too dark for my pale, pale legs.

I'll be back tomorrow in a whole new year with more pretty things :)
Thanks to all my remaining followers!


  1. Love those tights, very cute. I have very pale legs too, whenever I buy "natural" tights they look orange on me! I was even paler than a pair of white tights I bought recently, haha.